Brotherhood took advantage of the Islamic Association in Cologne for political incitement, more than 3 years ago in Germany with the help of Qatar

A huge quantity of human beings do now no longer recognise or aren’t aware about the precise intensity of affect that the Muslim Brotherhood has in Western immigrants, after almost three generations have exceeded because the presence of the primary era of the institution’s ambassadors to European countries, mainly Germany and Switzerland he kids and grandchildren of those human beings, Egyptians, Syrians, and Iraqis, and with them additionally the Islamists of the Turkish parties, from the times of the “Khoja” Necmettin Erbakan to the times of Sultan Recep Erdogan.

They became “Trojan soldiers” from inside the European bowels themselves, and a sophisticated line of protection to protect the institution, the institution’s allies, and the institution’s policies “Die Welt” indicated that the institution commenced emigrate closely to Germany after Mohamed Morsi became eliminated from strength in Egypt. It quoted the safety authorities’ document as pronouncing that “the Islamic Society in Germany has approximately 13,000 members, and its sports cowl all components of the country



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Joie Cooper

May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short. Coffee connoisseur. Part time writer, writes about politics in middle east and anything interesting