Daesh kidnaps five people, shots three others fleeing in Iraq

Daesh terrorists have kidnapped five civilians and injured three others after they successfully escaped from the terrorists’ trap of setting up a phony security checkpoint in Iraq’s Mosul province, local media said on Saturday. The Daesh terror group put up the deceptive checkpoint in Mosul’s Makhmour district on Friday night, with terrorists dressed in the Iraqi army fatigues, according to local media. The terrorists stopped several cars, disembarked people, and kidnapped five civilians. Three persons were able to flee, but they were injured by the terrorists who opened fire on them. In June 2014, the Daesh terrorist group captured Mosul, Salahuddin, and Anbar provinces and parts of Diyala and Kirkuk, which were recaptured from the group in late 2017 by the Iraqi forces with support from a US-led coalition.