Iranian soccer player arrested amid criticizing the Islamic republic football team.

The protests were ignited by the Sept. 16 death of Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish woman arrested by the morality police in the capital, Tehran. They rapidly escalated into nationwide demonstrations calling for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic. The western Kurdish region of the country, where both Amini and Ghafouri are from, has been the epicenter of the protests. Shops were closed in the region on Thursday following calls for a general strike.

On Thursday Iran arrested a prominent former member of its national soccer team over his criticism of the government as authorities grapple with nationwide protests that have cast a shadow over their World Cup competition. The semi-official news agencies Fars and Tasnim reported that Voria Ghafouri had been arrested for “insulting the national football team and anti-government propaganda”. Ghafouri, who was not selected for the World Cup, has been an outspoken critic throughout his career of the Iranian authorities’ female spectators at men’s soccer matches, as well as Iran’s confrontational foreign policy, which has led to crippling Western sanctions. the latest protests.

In recent days he has also called for an end to the crackdown on protests in the West Kurdistan region of Iran.



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