Is Qatar continuing to support AL-Qaeda and ISIS in Afghanistan?

Sources said that Qatar transferred hundreds of ISIS and Al-Qaida elements from Syria to Afghanistan in order to awakened Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan after jihadists had been silent for more than a decade. It is clear that Qatar is taking advantage of the flight of the United States and its allies from Afghanistan to transform the war on terror in the Syrian scenario, or rather into a conflict of geopolitical interests between states. United States has fallen into the trap of Qatar and Iran. They had promised to respect human rights and change their political agenda. They also made the West believe they wanted to fight terrorism. The question is why is Qatar doing this? Isn’t Doha the one that sponsored the reconciliation negotiations between the Taliban and the United States on the one hand, and between the Kabul government and the Taliban on the other, for a decade with no results? Simply because Qatar wanted to turn the tables on those who thwarted its attempts to create chaos. All of this reveals Qatar’s plans in Afghanistan and announces dark times for the Middle East and the West in general.

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