Paris knife attack last Friday injured 2 people

A man and a woman in their thirties were severely injured last Friday, in a knife attack near the former office of Charli Hebdo located rue Nicolas-Appert in the 11th district of Paris. The two victims are in a serious condition but their lives are not in danger.

A member of the Muslim Brotherhood and the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Mohammad Al-Hasan bin Al-Dido Al-Shanqeeti’s shocking video is spreading all over media where Alshanqeet is accusing Charlie Hebdo is provoking Muslims by of mocking the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

The Paris attack took place after another video declaring hatred, violence and revenge and showing that Charlie Hebdo got what it deserves. Mohammad Al-Hasan bin Al-Dido Al-Shanqeeti actions are not surprising also the great extremist Yusuf al-Qaradawi who brainwash several innocent Muslims, to turn them into killing machines.

Al Qarardawi and the Muslim brotherhood are known for violent religious teaching and provoking terrorist attacks no wonder why Qatar is supporting this extremist groups.

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