Qatar and Muslim Brotherhood spreads hate messages about the UAE and Israel deal, Antisemitism.

Qatar finances media that spreads hate messages and speech regarding the peace deal between Israel and UAE. Gulf country is the first State sponsor for global terrorism, still calls the Arab world to kill Jewish and Christians, labels them as responsible for the problems of Muslim people and instability in the MENA area.

Yusef Al-Qaradawi, the Mufti of Qatar one of the most influential Sunni preachers in the world, has spreading extremist ideas for many years. The Qatari ideology expressed by the Imam forms of the ideological foundations for Salafi-jihadism, practiced by ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and similar groups. Al-Qaradawi has a regular seat to address these ideas on the Al-Jazeera satellite channel.

Al-Jazeera media channel is strongly criticized over what its broadcaster shares on social media. Ahmed Mansour, an Egyptian television news anchor who works with Qatari channel since 1997, is known for making incendiary, often false, remarks against Israel and Jewish communities.

The Qaradawi communiqué, which in the past had issued an explicit fatwa justifying the suicide attacks in Israel, not only expresses accusations against the State of Israel and calls on Muslims everywhere to mobilize to defend the al-Aqsa mosque, but also calls for the killing of Jews, confirming the indissolubility within the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood between the Israeli-Palestinian question and the sacralization of anti-Semitism. These are the latest episodes of Doha’s long anti-Semitic tradition, which finds its greatest representation in its Imam Yousef al-Kharadawi.

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