Turkish President Visits Emir of Qatar

The meeting took place between Turkish President Erdogan and the Emir of Qatar. Turkey is known to have deep roots of friendship and brotherhood with Qatar, and the relationship between them are boosting in all areas. Also, these two countries are also the main supporters of the GNA of Libya in the Libyan conflict. Turkey openly supports Azerbaijan in the Karabakh conflict.

But Turkey is currently experiencing economic crisis that is a hindrance to finance and transports Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan. Therefore, Erdogan as expected will be using Qatari funds for the purposes of a military campaign against Armenia.

According to sources, Qatar pays $ 20 million in funding mercenaries sent by Turkey to help Azerbaijan. According to Syrian Observatory for human rights, which has tracked human rights violations and the death toll throughout the war in Syria, these were among the nearly 1,200 Syrians sent by Turkey to fight on behalf of Azerbaijan.


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Joie Cooper

May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short. Coffee connoisseur. Part time writer, writes about politics in middle east and anything interesting