US Rep Ilhan Omar accused of being a foreign informer that transmits sensitive info to Iran

US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was being accused to be a foreign informer that passes sensitive information that was relayed to Iran, and receives financial support by a foreign government, this is what a Canadian businessman, Alan Bender claims. He reveled it through a shocking testimony made by video link from Toronto, Canada to a Florida District Court on October 23. In the testimony, Bender claims to have been asked to recruit American politicians and journalists to be Qatari assets.

According to Bender’s sworn testimony, Omar’s role in the Qatari influence campaign is crucial. She is actively recruiting other politicians on behalf of Qatar. The Qataris claimed that “the best thing money can buy are American officials because they are the cheapest of the cheapest costing officials in the world,”. Bender claims that once Omar took office, she used her position in the House of Representatives to access sensitive information which she relayed to Qatar, and through them to Iran.



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Joie Cooper

May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short. Coffee connoisseur. Part time writer, writes about politics in middle east and anything interesting