Yemen’s Houthi-run jails brutal treatment and permanent exile for critics of the Houthis

I want to share this intriguing news I have read today. It’s all about the brutal treatment behind bars, unfair trials and permanent exile for critics. Former prisoners recounted how interrogators threatened to shoot them and kill members of their families outside of the jail if they failed to give names of people critical of the Houthis. Most of the people released were fighters, but about 20 civilians had also been detained and tortured for up to seven years. Prisoners were held in overcrowded cells and did not receive sufficient medical care, clean water or food. When they were released, the Baha’i prisoners were forced into exile on flights to Ethiopia and none have been able to return home to be reunited with their families. One of the Baha’is said he begged authorities to allow him to visit his 80-year-old father, but he was instead taken to the airport and flown out of the country.

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